"Bruni, you have been the best this year. It’s been a very tough year for the family and you’ve been there always! Thank you so much for all that you have done for us!"
-Arzu Wiest

"Bryan, I don’t know if I communicated it to you or Pam, but the level of professionalism and care you demonstrated in the care of my home went beyond my expectations. You don’t really know what you are paying for with a management fee until you need the services. Thank you for the responsiveness throughout all the incidents over the last 12 months. I dealt with Bruni too, and she was always on top of it. I traveled for work a lot, and she found me, and presented solutions. So I don’t believe the service I received you was off event, it feels like it is part of everyone in your company. If I ever need to hire a management company again, it is definitely with you."
-Hans Beltran

"We are New York owners of this property and choose to rent it out. Our tenant had a garage fire in February, the condo was completely destroyed. Bryan Remedios has been professional, courtesy and diligent in answering questions, inspecting the property immediately after the fire, and also after renovations. He has been a link to various insurance agencies, HOA of the condo, our tenant at the time and basically our eyes and ears for the Georgia property. We are very pleased with Bryan's attentiveness and would like to acknowledge our appreciation of a job well done."
-The Williams

"Let me take a minute to extend my thanks to you. You were highly organized with the ability to keep track of several problems at once and you took your responsibility to my tenants very seriously. Thank you for handling my rental in a professional, friendly manner. Working with you was like working with a friend. You were always available to answer any questions I had and you took time to explain any issues that arose. It was a pleasure working with you. At some point in the future I hope we can be in touch again. Once more, I really appreciate your hard work, quick response, and attention to details. From day one it has been a good property management experience."
- Eula

"Everyone is so wonderful there! I look forward to continuing a successful relationship with the Property Management department. Thank you for all you do!
- Toni

"Bryan, We just wanted to let you know how impressed we are with Bruni. This woman is an asset to your department. Anytime I have to call her she is professional, sweet and so very helpful. She ROCKS! I feel she cares about the tenants and their needs. She goes above and beyond and deserves an award for all her hard work, caring and patience. Thank You Bruni!
- Gerardine

"My experience has demonstrated to me just how professional and responsive the listing agent and the Property Management team are in a challenging situation. We employ another property management company for our homes in Texas and, while they are "okay", they would have never demonstrated all that your team did to support and to PROTECT the owners. We learn more from what goes wrong than what goes right. I have a lot of confidence in your team." - Patricia

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